What are croquettes? Croquettes (croquette is a French term, meaning, "to crunch ") are small food rolls (also found in round, disk and oval shapes) that contain various food ingredients and are coated with bread crumbs
then fried in oil, giving them a light and crispy exterior. Croquettes can contain any variety of ingredients, but when served as a fast food main course, typically contain mashed potatoes and/or ground meat, such as beef, chicken, turkey or veal. Croquettes also can contain shellfish, fish, cheese and even vegetables.

In addition to being served as a fast food, croquette recipes can produce fun and appealing appetizers, simply by forming them into small appetizer sizes, and perhaps serving them with accompanying sauces for dipping. This Croquettes page is in its beginning stages, and starts by introducing two delicious and easy croquette recipes; one made with crab and the other chicken breast. If croquettes are something a little new to you, or if you're interested to learn how to make croquettes, either croquette recipe below will be a great place to start!

Croquette Recipes ▼

Chicken Croquettes
This Chicken Croquettes recipe offers a pleasant change from traditional chicken nuggets. Rather than using solid pieces of chicken, this recipe combines small shredded pieces of chicken with other ingredients, giving them added flavor and a wonderful texture. The ingredients are formed (much like meatballs) into bite-size oblong shapes, dipped in egg, then coated with panko bread crumbs, giving them a crispy outer crust.
Crab Croquettes
These petite crab appetizers are delicious and elegant, but also have an element of fun, due to their size and crispy coating and the fact that you can dip them into a tasty tangy sauce. Crab Croquettes are made with cooked crab, diced green onions, seasonings and some egg and panko bread crumbs. This mixture is formed into balls, coated with egg and rolled in more panko crumbs, then fried to a beautiful crispy, golden brown.
Pesto Stuffed Crab Balls
These crab appetizers will pleasantly surprise your guests with a burst of lively flavor when they bite into them! Pesto Stuffed Crab Balls are made wtih crab meat, risotto, sautéed diced red bell peppers and minced onion, panko crumbs, Dijon mustard, freshly squeezed lemon juice, mayonnaise and chopped parsley. A delicious sun-dried tomato basil pesto is stuffed into the centers, and the balls are fried until golden and crispy!
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