Soup Meatballs

Meatballs are not only fabulous served as appetizers, they are wonderful served as main course dishes, whether on their own with sauces or dished over pasta or rice. As a main course, meatballs are also delicious when served in soups and stews,
because the meatballs cook to a very tender state, and while cooking, the juices from the meatballs add to the flavor of the soup broth or stew gravy!

Just as with all meatball recipes, meatballs for soup can be seasoned in endless ways, whether it's a mild comforting flavor you're looking for, such as good old fashioned Meatball Soup or a spicy and festive experience, such as with Bulgarian Meatball Soup. When you do sit down to a hot and steamy bowl of meatball soup, what would it be without a great side of bread, cornbread or biscuits? To browse a variety of great bread recipes to go along with your soup, visit the Bread page on LoveThatFood. This Soup Meatballs page begins with a few very tasty meatball soup recipes that are well worth trying. This page will continue to grow with more delicious soup recipes made with meatballs, so be sure to visit again soon!

Meatball Soup Recipes ▼

Albondigas Soup
Albondigas Soup is a brothy Mexican soup made with seasoned meatballs, vegetables and an assortment of spices that give it a mildly spicy and full flavor that will warm you up inside in more ways than one! This soup recipe features ground beef and ground pork meatballs, along with carrots, green bell pepper, onions, chipotle, garlic, spinach and a combination of beef and chicken broths, topped with cilantro and fried tortilla strips.
Bulgarian Meatball Soup
Bulgarian Meatball Soup features a powerful and fabulous-flavored broth with tender and delicious seasoned meatballs. Yellow chiles, green pepper, carrots, tomatoes and chopped fresh parsley give the soup broth vibrant color and outstanding flavor, while the meatballs, made with lean ground beef, rice and spices give this soup the perfect savory touch. Egg and lemon are added towards the end of the cooking process.
Meatball Soup
This recipe for Meatball Soup uses all those basic comfort ingredients we love - seasoned meatballs (made with lean ground beef, turkey or chicken and rice) and hefty bite-size chunks of potatoes, carrots and noodles. Some diced tomatoes sneak their way into this soup as well, after being sautéed with some diced green onions and minced garlic, adding wonderful seasoning to the broth.
Meatball Stew
This Meatball Stew recipe features seasoned ground beef meatballs, potatoes, celery and carrots in a savory thickened broth, together creating a comfort food that warms and satisfies! The meatballs are seasoned with onion, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, cumin and fresh parsley, egg and bread crumbs. The gravy-style broth derives its delicious flavor from the juices created by the meatballs and vegetables as they cook.
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